Get Your Dojo On; Why Karate Is King Once Again! Sidekicks Screenwriter and Martial Arts Master Lou Illar on the Comeback of Karate

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(Hollywood, CA)  As the new version of The Karate Kid starring Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith sweeps the world’s multiplexes, could a new wave of karate kids sweep into studios and rec centers? Lou Illar, screenwriter and associate producer of the classic 90’s martial arts movie Sidekicks, knows the answer.

“Karate is tailor-made for the movies. It’s exciting to watch, and involves personal and spiritual components that make great story-telling devices,” says Illar, who’s in pre-production for ‘Sidekicks II’ while witnessing firsthand the resurgence of martial arts from his Louisiana Dojo. “Plus, it doesn’t need to have winners and losers like Western sporting activities do; and the character building aspect for young people is key.  At their heart, martial arts are about discipline and humility. The best part is that anyone can do it and excel. There’s a reason they’ve been around for centuries.”

In the past 20 years, martial arts classes and centers have sprouted up everywhere–rec centers, churches, the inner city and suburbs.  The number of martial-arts students under 12 years old has grown 15 percent a year for the past five years, according to Illar, citing stats from the National Karate-do Federation.  “A big part of that is because of the success of movies like ‘The Karate Kid’ and ‘Sidekicks’,” says Illar. “These movies play every day on television all over the world, and they both have a terrific message for young people.  Karate is as ubiquitous on the extra-curricular landscape now as little league and piano lessons.”

“Karate gives a general sense of mission and personal control,” says Illar.  It’s also proven to be especially helpful for kids with special needs, an avenue that was explored in the original ‘Sidekicks’.   Illar, a two time inductee in Kung Fu Magazine’s Hall of Fame, works with special needs children frequently through his martial arts studio in Baton Rouge LA.

The original ‘Sidekicks’ plot revolves around Barry, played by the late child star Jonathan Brandis, who suffers from severe asthma and is having trouble fitting in at school. His only source of enjoyment is fantasizing that he’s friends with Chuck Norris, the martial arts champion and movie star.  Barry becomes tired of getting picked on by the bigger guys, and decides to learn karate in hopes of controlling his asthma.  Little did Barry know, that some day his journey would actually place him as Chuck Norris’s Sidekick.

During his current media tour, Lou Illar is discussing topics including:

  • The resurgence of the mainstream martial arts film
  • Why martial arts have become so popular with American families
  • How to pick the right martial arts school for your child, and what dangers to watch for
  • What the new ‘Sidekicks’ sequel will be about

““Whether it’s Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, or Jackie Chan, karate movies, like the martial arts themselves, will never go away,” Illar says. “Movies definitively tell a story through movement and action. The first movies made were made by Chinese and featured women using martial arts. Obviously, there are many period pieces of Kung Heroes but where is there a better backdrop for martial art movies, than the physical and emotional challenges of our times? No doubt the continual popularity of The Karate Kid reflects America’s never ending admiration and support for those who selflessly achieve a moral victory. This flick nixes the love some kids have for things and replaces it with the moral respect that Americans still want to find in one another. The Karate Kid has and always will reflect American grit and morality!”

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Huckabee Can’t say “No Deal”!

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Who would have ever thought Mike Huckabee, a man with little money, or preparation for government leadership would some day have the financial ability to lead the “conservative” end of the Republican Party?  After owning the governorship of Arkansas, the Huckster reminded all of us that he too could not only play music but prey as well as any Clinton.  In 2008 with only a few guitar licks, and a presidential campaign with little money, he began to strum up media attention.  Suddenly, like the Fastest Gun Alive, he had people wanting to just give him money and with that money and popularity he bought a seat next to George Stephanopoulos on George’s Sunday morning talk show.  On that bright Sunday morn, the Huckster held his smiling shining face high and as a country minister should, immediately upon George’s introduction expressed his humble gratitude for George’s hospitable concern.  After all Mike had told his audiences time and time again that he had truly been blessed with a “miracle candidacy”. Maybe it was that very thought that stirred the interest of George Stephanopoulos to ask the Huckster if he hadn’t crossed his own moral lines when Mike before the Iowa caucus, held a fund raiser in casino. Huckabee’s eyes darted back like a man who had suffered Montezuma’s revenge in a public restroom to only discover the place was without toilet paper.  Suddenly as if at the Pearly Gates before Saint Peter himself, the disoriented and deceitful Huckster pleaded his case! He first feigned to rebuke George, but Mike could only manage to offer a smidgen of an outrage. “You’re going too far!” The Huckster charged but George’s cold stare was like a threatening stoic and unaffected Saint Pete.  Realizing that his outrage was misplaced, George like St. Peter seemed ready to slam those pearly gates, and the Huckster knew it.  Mike’s secret fear that his television career would be “aborted” and  he would never be on the teli again, seemed to becoming true. Suddenly inspired, Mike changed his tune and resorted to a less offensive manner as he adopted a minimalist strategy.  “It was a small casino.” “The casino was closed for the day. We were near the kitchen and away from the slots!” And then came a final avid non sequester. “That’s like saying if you’re against alcohol you shouldn’t be near the wet bar.” At that point Mike paused, not since Richard Nixon did I ever see anyone’s lip tremble like Mike’s .   I began to wonder if Mike wasn’t some soul swapping Richard Nixon demon from Hell who had come to take over This Week with George Stephanopoulos!

ShaZam! Before my very eyes, Mike turned into a Richard Nixon look alike! Here’s the saddest part!  Who would ever think that George would loose his show and the Huckster would have his own show on Fox?  Certainly not St. Pete!  How did that happen?  Well to hear Mike after his “miracle campaign” ended, he went to the “islands” on a lucrative speaking tour and was witness to another miracle. On that tour he was given a whole lot of money while his wife was caught vacationing in Vegas, and stayed at a brand new Hooter’s Hotel and casino where she bet on a prize fight but lost!  Maybe it was St. Peter himself that came up with the idea but Mike remembered one thing.  He, just like Richard Nixon, wasn’t fond of anyone asking him questions about his money or any Mormon’s who believed that Jesus was Satin himself.

The Huckster took his hard earned speech money and bought himself a Fox television show.  Here’s the strange part, This Week With George Stephanopoulos was wiped off television and omitted from my TV Guide. All of this gets a whole lot stranger when you think about it because the Huckster sort of morphed into George Stephanopoulos!!!  You see Mike’s television show is now running his own effort at recreating This Week with George Stephanopoulos !  The Huckster is so smart. The Huckster didn’t want anyone to accuse him of stealing poor unemployed George’s concept, so he came up with a unique title. Mike’s show is called “Huckabee”!  The title sounds so much better than This Week with George Stephanopoulos!  Unlike George, you can bet that Mike will never have one of those demon loving Mormons appearing on his television show.

Yes Sirree Bob and Howdy too! Mike has a better show than George!  Mike has folks on his show that George just would “pass over”. Mike has had Chuck Norris on more times than any other television talk show and recently Mike carried a premier appearance of the  billionaire  Sheldon Adelson.   Mike really liked Mr. Adelson and explained that Mr. Adelson was removing gambling from Las Vegas.  He said that Mr. Adelson’s Hotel has taken the nasty gambling business out of Las Vegas because Mr. Adelson is an upstanding Jew who believes that people shouldn’t gamble and the only way to stop them is to offer them fine entertainment.  Now because of Mr. Adelson’s entertainment business, Las Vegas and Singapore have more people visiting   who don’t gamble, drink,  convene with prostitutes or commit suicide.  Yes sir because of the Huckster and Mr. Adelson, Las Vegas barely has any gambling. The Huckster said that now only 15% of the people who visit Las Vegas gamble. I assumed that the 85% were spending their time visiting Mike’s new Vegas church.

I was so impressed that I thought all of this had to come about from a Huckabee church in Las Vegas. So I went to my internet in search for Mike’s Las Vegas ministry, but I found no listing. Then looking to see if the Huckster had saved Mr. Sheldon Adelson, I found some shocking information.  Mr. Adelson owns casinos in the holy land ! Yes! Right in Israel and he has another right in Turkey and another in Jordan and a much larger one in Macau!  Mr. Adelson also owns a huge casino in Singapore.  Worse there are some reports that call Las Vegas the suicide capital of the world.

Now when I observe the Huckster on my television he looks and sounds more and more like Richard Nixon. Well, I stopped looking for Huckabee’s church!  Did you know that President Nixon was a musician just like Mike Huckabee? Golly! I just found one that out.

Is Steven Seagal Advising Goddell?

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Once again, in another NFL P.R. effort, “justice” has tweaked jock straps instead of promoting restorative consideration for female victims.  The NFL commissioner has dispensed a “just us” sense of justice to Ben Smashedberger which appears to be as slimy as Big Ben’s magazine collection. No doubt Ben is evil but comparatively less evil than the NFL commissioner or the owners of the Steelers. Does Ben beat women like Mike Tyson did? Is he as perverted as Kobe, or maybe a deadly marksman like Plex or Pack Man? Is Ben as vicious as Vick with a dog? Of course he is! Ben doesn’t need a gun or his fists! He is apparently too well endowed for the Comish to ignore him any longer.  The theatrics of the NFL Comish up staging a Georgia prosecutor’s 20 minute whining over a lack of evidence had to be inspired by some less than self serving NFL minds.  After all “moral “judgment is something new in the NFL, and to exploit this new PR theater might be best developed by summoning the best of Hollywood’s “law and order” thinkers?  In the darkness of night did the NFL Comish tweet Steven Seagal? Was the comish advised to take two weeks to carve out his ten NFL commandments?   Steven Seagal may have explained that from his “law and order” perspective none of this would have happened had Ben just cuffed a few girls and harbored them in Seagal’s New Orleans mansion for a few months.

However, caught feeding drinks to under age girls who were already intoxicated, foul mouthed and proud of it, Ben leaves little doubt that he could be at least as criminal as Jimmy Swaggart? Ben like Jimmy lacks the appropriate “moral” judgment that supposedly the wiser and elder NFL commissioner has. Professionals are now agreeing that Ben lacks “appropriateness” with females! But from what we’ve seen on television so does Joe Nameth! Broadway Joe hasn’t been banned from television or from being in football stadiums, bars or with Bill Clinton and “wanting women”.

If the NFL was sincerely interested in ending problems like this they would do something to undo damage done by Ben.  Under age drunken females are a problem on every campus where they are dropping their draws to pee in your front yard, and barf on your car. Today young women are being revealed as uniquely predatory as they engage in bullying, and phone sexting.  If the commissioner wants to create moral behaviors he needs to start by making positive steps to help women who have been damaged in adolescence. Who is this NFL commissioner that thinks he can make better moral behavior than the Pope?  Promoting women to enter a “pass and kick contest” or to compete against boys isn’t exactly improving their moral status or value with football players! The fact that the NFL offers nothing as significant as a stupid competitive athletic effort at equitably treating young girls like men, instead of restorative efforts to recognize them as capable women suggests that the NFL inflicts a flawed if not pathetic morality on both genders.

Those of us who father young girls know the impact of sparse scholarships and revelations like the incomparable collegiate perks given to Reggie Bush.  If the comish wants to manage moral behavior, start by considering the need for restorative measures like supporting women in academics! Develop a restorative perspective to undo the manhandling damage done by placing inequitable millions in only the groping hands of apes. Promote opportunities to have hope for girls through scholarships. Why not make an NFL stimulus package that inspires women to become an NFL commissioner or demand a Wall Street CEO opportunity? Gee! Women some day might give something back some day greater than buying shots for an NFL player?  Is it any wonder that today’s young women are having problems not only respecting themselves but each other?  Please inform the more prudent magnanimous benefactors, like the NFL commissioner, to invest their millions not on Wall Street but on creating better behaved women and maybe they will find that they have made better men in the process.

Coming Soon: Moore Movies

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Michael Moore seems to have gotten too big for the less than average Hollywood movie screen. His supposed “politically humorous” movie making has been a less than interesting effort at campaign promotions but now certainly lucrative and far more interesting for those with campaign budgets that value victory. Big Mike has found a lesser method of financing a movie than Hollywood Guild dominated budgets. Moore’s nuanced method has proved lucrative enough to cause even Bill Maher, a less than equal film maker to create films at even less expense. Worse it appears that the Supreme Court’s recent failure to defend any future effort to limit the amount of campaign contributions donated by corporate entities will now make even more of these Moore Movies possible. With that boost Big Mike has suddenly gotten bigger.

Thanks to big Mike’s increasing big budget productions, John McCain and Russ Feingold have been kissed off like two mafia punks waiting to be wacked by history. After all of the howling has been forgotten the art of “swift boating” gets validated and given a new license. Now with a market hungry for product development of swift boating film projects is suddenly struggling to find new film making myths and disinformation scams to distract media from real issues. In doing so, they will extend the term of presidential campaigns and their season beyond anyone’s imagination.  Who will regulate the truth in these productions and the film maker’s objectivity is another matter that the Supreme Court has yet to discuss or concern itself with. Could it be that the old check and balance theory will kick in and Dick Chaney and Big Mike will be consulted by a Congressional Committee to determine how to keep everyone honest?

Case in point, Big Mike’s latest but obviously not his last effort at political targeting and movie making. This Romance with Capitalism shows no insight into the causal factors of greed. Big Mike’s convenient failure to identify principle players does dimly reflect his own security around his greedy modus operandi. After all, how else “Big Mike” be noticed unless he was the leading character in his own college production? Characterizing capitalism as evil while furtively subsidizing the beast itself, isn’t too distinctly different than being the obese representative of preventive health care program.

On camera Mike’s oversized body may signal Moore greed than Big Mike realizes. Why else have Moore Movies progressively managed larger expenditures? Why are Big Mike’s incredible film narratives being funded and produced? Unlike his previous health care filming in France and Cuba, Mike’s latest attack on “Free Markets” avoids traveling beyond our borders but offers a more significant brand of disinformation. Mike says that Government is frightened because we possess the right to vote. Yes! This is the same Big Mike that previously made another Moore Movie that claimed our right to vote can not be guaranteed to be registered or counted!

Beyond the boundaries of reason, humor, history, and movie financing Mike’s new claims create nothing new but his obvious growing influence on campaign prattle. With little effort Mike will be making more thrillers to financially support another democratic presidential campaign. Yes, like Cecil B. De Mille, Mike’s last film effort probably had significant budget overages that would sink even his oversized ego.  Yet thanks to the Supreme Courts latest ruling, Mike doesn’t need to worry about film financing or audience turn out. He will have enough money not only to make Moore movies but also to buy the four seats next to you on a plane. Don’t be too concerned! Sitting next to Big Mike on a plane has to be more difficult than sitting in front of him in a movie theater.

How did such an unlikely dude manage to become so financially nimble? Was it Moore bucks that placed Bill Maher in the movie business or was it Moore’s “free market”? Maher’s film rhetoric validates the concept that making light of Americans is fun because Americans appear on screen proud of being undereducated. Maher’s Movie leaves Americans with less pride than a Moore Movie. Maher’s inability to stimulate anything but his hubris, and the very militias that scare the rest of us, raise some serious questions about his sanity as he finds Moore humor in our laboring America’s illiteracy.

Is all of this fun to watch? Isn’t it humor at everyone’s expense? Do they care? Notice there isn’t much laughing because the truth here is deafening and yet unspoken. When considering the hidden expense and affect of the last Moore movie and those who will profit from it, we look forward to possibly a never ending “ground hog day” election system that is directed not by government but by the same corporations and lobbying firms that funded the disinformation found in Big Mike’s attack on capitalism, and the free market.

To historians there is little fun in the discomfort of viewing such a cognitive and selective reconstruction of history. Clearly, as Maher attaches to his whipping post a cast of some selectively chosen unfortunates. Bill has made certain that his casting bucks will hardly pay anyone’s bills but Bills! Granted this all knowing Master Maher seems validated by Big Mike’s musings about free markets so much so that he too discharges no criticism of Big Mike’s handling of health issues nor does he offer any effort to whip Mike into shape or sanity.

While Maher stands silent, this historical Free Market Capitalistic Moore movie selectively acknowledges Reagan’s ties to the credit card companies! Hoorah! Yet Moore omits telling us why those cards were seen as a necessary change in our banking system. While Big Mike’s history omits the gambling industries incredible involvement in the election of Ronald Reagan, it makes us wonder why Big Mike said nothing about the financing of casinos on Reagan’s foreign military bases and the Federal Reserve’s stimulating interest as well as AIG and Goldman Sachs involvement in funding Indian Casinos, Las Vegas and the gambling industries choke hold on not only on state governments but on Wall Street and world markets. Mike’s disinformation effort is even more complicit in protecting and developing an even larger world market bubble around debt than his prattle about the financial losses on Wall Street.  The gambling industry is empowered by foreign money and feeds those foreign gambling investments our working class’s cash. Did this entity feed Big Mike a Big Snack?

Sam Gompers was the first to see the slavery of American labor and warned that the American laborer had to come first not last. Our president has promised to govern those Wall Street cats with new restraints, yet he will not govern your local casino with any restraints because it is casino cash that keeps lobbyists bundling money to pay off state congressman, federal congressman, and campaign fund managers. Moore indicates that it is our right to vote that keeps these congressman honest but Moore avoids the whole truth. It is that very system that has fed Moore his Big Snack! The shadowing of the usage of the word casino is only a small part of the furtive campaign that has been created to steal voting power from America. The casino and gambling industry through its symbiotic interests of liquor lobbies, tobacco lobbies, media lobbies, credit card lobbies and insurance lobbies have been affecting our government. These lobbies bundled money to create casinos and they now bundle cash to promote gambling where ever they can. Moore’s Free Market movie is not much more than Moore disinformation and omission at its best.

Even if Sherlock Holmes had a lobotomy, one would suspect that he would still notice that Moore’s movie was filmed in New York City right on Wall Street in what most film makers know as the most expensive locations possible in the movie business. Couple that with a cast of high priced individuals from AIG, Sachs, and others leaving one to wonder, how Big Mike has gotten so big.  Yes the very crooks Mike seems to be toying with, signed off on his film. This signature statement probably means that big Mike paid them well for their appearances and location usage. Gee! Together they have assisted in veiling the financing of his entire production. My bet is that their real interests lie in protecting the bank and legislative power of the gambling industry.   At any rate Big Mike in creating this media piece of economic distortion of “debt, wealth, and corruption” Mike did more to service the stealth funding of the gambling industry than the levers of our voting machines. Mike failed not only to use the word casino but to mention another simple fact. The credit card biz has been pulling around 190 billion dollars a year from America’s interest payments on our credit cards while online gambling has been sending just about the same amount overseas annually through credit cards.

Yes as relevant as it is the “C” word was banned by Big Mike to never be used or associated with America’s “debt, and corruption.” Without any explanation, this chilling censorship or subtle omission deliberately dances through Moore’s movie without excuse or explanation. Yet there is another chilling tremor aside from this cold evisceration. Moore blurts out an arcane claim that Wall Street is an “INSANE” Casino. Is this claim shadowing another untold story?

What is a sane casino?  Master Maher also avoids the “C” word, as his film engages in pondering the greater meaning of Bud Abbott’s “Who’s on first” routine which he obvious believes to be a more significant contemplation than any discussion of gambling’s control of media, congress, and presidential campaigns. The censorship and “name game go on. Big Mike on the other hand now gambles on a higher plateau where he rolls with less humor and more questions. Using deductive reasoning to sway us all, we are finally left to believe that casinos must be sane, while on the other hand the stock market is “insane”.  With reasoning like this, Mike supposedly protects the rich folks so that Big Mike can securely make Moore movies, while the rest of us suffer with little hope as we deal daily with the predators that sit in our back yard and use the “C” word as they pay our state legislators. Think about it in pre-casino days those guys were considered part time employees and our Universities had more full time faculty than part time. Capital isn’t evil, but the hands touched by it seem to be demonstrating little sense or goodness.

The Supreme Court, president, congress and corporate interests are moving government out of election campaigns just as they have managed the placement of casinos in our very back yards. In doing so Government has assured us that there will be Moore movies. Sooner or later some of us will not only loose money to taxes, movies, and elections but will make that final suicide bet. We will make our last bet at the media owned casino in our back yard with our very last copper penny! Wow!!! I’m worried! Where will Big Mike find a confession booth large enough to fit his ego?

Gambling With the Money of Hardworking Americans

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New Book Exposes History of Political Ties to Casinos, Alerts Americans to Future Dealings
November 10, 2008

BATON ROUGE, La. – What if an American voter’s choice of president proved to be a literal gamble with the financial future of the country? In his new book, Believe Me or Your Lying Eyes: An entertaining History of Casinos, Corruption and Charities in America (published by AuthorHouse), Lou Illar presents startling evidence of a long history of political ties to casinos and suggests that our nation’s future leaders have no choice but to rely on these same establishments.
Believe Me or Your Lying Eyes presents evidence of presidential relationships with casinos, from Ronald Reagan to George W. Bush to presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama. With the suspense of a crime novel, it lays before the reader an impressive body of research on the ethics of the casino culture as inspired by Illar’s personal experience. Illar leaves no boundary uncrossed as he relates his years of investigating the furtive, not-so-subtle games national leaders have played with America’s financial resources and moral values. Illar’s personal story reveals a courageous testing of our scales of justice against wealth, gambling and presidential power.

The book begins in 1990, when Illar is developing a script for what has become a well-known movie. The intended script is disrupted by the deceit of a single casino developer, and Illar proposes that this same deceit flows furtively through America’s justice system into the very politics of the nation. With a swelling of empirical evidence, he makes a convincing case against gambling and corruption. As a counterbalance, the gripping narrative explores charity, humor and the kind of heroism that is rooted in so many everyday Americans.
“It is a lost history covered by charitable deception and inconveniently relevant to the current crisis of government’s failure to govern,” writes Illar. “Although this book suggests that our next generation may witness an ‘unbridled’ gambling rampage on our dollar and our human value that may weaken our very culture and way of life, this writing, without strain or falsity of tone, more importantly offers a useful function for humor and irony which, in this exciting advocacy, serves to hallow and encourage human self sacrifice.”
A rare work of investigative writing, Believe Me or Your Lying Eyes entertains and enlightens curious readers concerned with lies and corruption among America’s leaders, as well as the local, national and international handling of America’s expendable income.
About the Author: A prolific comedy writer, ethicist, and martial artist, Lou Illar. He has written numerous television commercials and developed the original script for the movie “Sidekicks.” He has worked as a copyright expert and a strategic marketing consultant. As a writer and martial artist, Illar was twice inducted into Inside Kung-Fu magazine’s Hall of Fame. Illar worked on his doctorate at Ohio University and earned Master of Arts degrees at West Virginia University and Southeastern Louisiana University. He has taught at Southern University, Ohio University, and Louisiana State University. His first book, An Intellectual History of The Americanization of Chinese New Year in Louisiana, developed a clear understanding of the struggles and triumphs of the Chinese in their nonviolent methods of confronting Americanization.

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