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Believe Me or Your Lying Eyes: An Entertaining History of Casinos, Corruption and Charities in America (Paperback)

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A review of our corporate ethics and governance!

“I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book.” Groucho Marx

In 1957, Vance Packard wrote. “Our American life, through a large scale effort to use psychiatry and the social sciences to influence and manipulate buying, has had impressive success below our level of awareness.”

Since 1957, there is great evidence that our culture has become a harbinger of emotional exploitation in more forms than we can recognize and irrational profit taking in more forms than we can image.

In these times, investing in a charity is not easy within a gambling culture that has glamorized wind fall profits, and run away CEO salaries.

It certainly worsens when these efforts become unfettered, and ignored by business efforts that not only fail to provide a product of value but offer no product at all.

This madness can only succeed by turning huge profits through the creation of cannibalistic markets and non-profit corporations that feed on gambling addictions which buy moments of hope as they excite and exploit risk instincts. This baiting continues to validate at warp speed the assumption that we are a nation of impulse buyers.

We reverse like a school of starving gold fish fearful of the vibrations of mere foot steps and unable to notice bread crumbs on top of the water. No doubt someone has convinced us that with every failure there will always be another roll of the ‘dice.’

The more relevant question of interest is who will roll those dice on your internet gambling site? No doubt we have become more reactive but worse we have become less knowledgeable.

This writing is offered to encourage your thoughtfulness about your money and who and what you empower as you give it away.